Dating Bad Habits

We often find ourselves spending too much time on unproductive habits that don’t benefit us. These habits keep us trapped in a cycle of regrettable one-night stands, endless online dating profiles, and engaging with people we really shouldn’t, all in the name of loneliness. In an attempt to mask it all and showcase how great our lives are, we proclaim on every social media platform, “I’m Living My Best Life.” But are we truly? Is there a void when it comes to matters of the heart?

It’s tempting to blame our dating difficulties on the people we’ve been involved with in the past. I used to attribute it to simply not having met “the one.” However, after being left with emotional baggage and countless tear-filled nights, I had to acknowledge that I was contributing to the downfall of my relationships.

We all need a reality check from time to time. It wasn’t until I accepted some harsh truths that I began to feel more positive about dating again. If you find yourself stuck in the same situations repeatedly, it might be time to take a closer look at your dating patterns.

The Pursuit of Perfection

Wake up, because perfection doesn’t exist! Are you perfect? No one is suggesting that you settle for someone with whom you have no common interests or compatibility. Let’s face it, everyone has flaws, including you. Ease the mindset of “I can do better” as you may be passing up on the perfectly imperfect person for you.

Dating Someone Who Is Unavailable

Who sets out to date someone who is unavailable? “Unavailable” can mean being married, in another relationship, or simply unwilling to commit. You exert extra effort to gain their time and attention, only to have it lead nowhere. If someone tells you they don’t want anything serious, believe them. Trust me, you can’t change their mind. If they’re married or in a committed relationship and they’re upfront about it, enter at your own risk. You will always be second, and they have made it clear what “commitment” means to them. Against better judgment, you entertain this foolishness and find yourself committed to them, with everything revolving around their schedule. This relationship is bound to be an emotional roller coaster, and you deserve better. You’ll always end up on the losing side.

Complaining About Your Dating Life

If you dislike dating so much, then stop doing it. Who wants to hear how much you hate dating while on a date? Nobody is asking you to marry the person tomorrow. Dating is a way to get to know and meet new people. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. Stop complaining, it’s as simple as that.

Being Too Needy

At some point, we all experience emotional neediness in our relationships. To some extent, we are responsible for meeting our partner’s emotional needs, ensuring that they are being fulfilled. However, being excessively needy or clingy can push people away. If you’re that person, it’s essential to understand the underlying issue. Is it a fear of being alone, a lack of trust, insecurity, or something else? Learn to make time for yourself as it’s healthy for both of you to have personal space. Never rely on someone else to be your sole source of happiness.

Not Trusting Your Intuition

There are times when our inner voice raises unnecessary alarms based on past experiences. Your intuition can be a strong indicator of whether someone is a good fit or not, but it shouldn’t be the sole basis. Let’s face it, we’ve all had “that feeling” but still decided to see how things go, only to end up heartbroken. If someone consistently takes hours to respond to texts, is vague about their plans, and never makes time for you it’s obvious they are just not that into you. Sometimes things are just not that obvious, but it doesn’t feel right either. Take a moment to listen to your inner self as it is less risky than disregarding and suffering the consequences right?